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YouTube Update: A new feature is coming to YouTube, creators will be happy..

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YouTube is working on a feature that will make content creators happy. YouTube is soon going to release a big update after which you will be able to choose a custom thumbnail for any playlist of the channel. Till now there is no option to choose a custom thumbnail.

According to a report, YouTube is testing this feature and it will be released for all users soon. This feature has been seen in the APK file of Android devices. It is also being tested on the beta version.

Android Authority has said in its report that custom thumbnail code has been seen in the beta version 9.26.33 of the Android app. Information about the size of the custom thumbnail for the playlist has also been found in the code.

Usually, the option of custom thumbnail is available with the videos uploaded on YouTube, but the option of custom thumbnail is not available in the playlist. After the new update, any photo can be used for a thumbnail in YouTube playlist.

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