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YouTube Update: YouTube's Like button suddenly disappeared, users got upset..

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Recently YouTube has launched non-skippable ads. Users had not yet come out of this shock so YouTube gave another big shock. The Like button suddenly disappeared on YouTube. The Like button had disappeared from the video, however, now the button has returned.

Users have also complained on social media, according to which many users were not able to see the Like button and many users were not able to like any video even after the button was visible.

On this bug, YouTube has said that if you close the app and turn it on again, the Like button will start working. Apart from this, you can also reset your YouTube app.

By the way, this was due to a technical flaw which has now been fixed. According to the report, this problem was faced only by web users. Mobile users did not have any problems. A month ago also, many users had complained about this bug.

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