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YouTube Update: If you do this to watch YouTube videos, then stop this work today, you will be blocked...

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If you also use YouTube and are troubled by advertisements and use ad blockers, then there is very important news for you. YouTube has now started blocking such people. The platform has taken strict steps to prevent the use of ad blockers. YouTube has decided to block such users. For this, the platform has also sent notifications to the users and advised them users not to use ad blockers.

YouTube warned
YouTube has also sent a notification to users regarding the new policy, in which it has advised users to disable such software to continue watching videos on the platform. After several warnings, YouTube is now implementing the restriction, allowing users to watch only three videos before their access is revoked.

Will not be able to use an ad blocker
Now if you want to watch ad-free videos then you will have to take the premium service of YouTube now and then. The use of ad blockers will have to be stopped at all costs. If you don't do this then YouTube will block you and you will never be able to watch the video.

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