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Your phone can listen to your bedroom conversations, and turn off this setting immediately, otherwise, big secrets will be revealed.


Turn Off Google Assistant: One such setting is provided in the smartphone. Through this, you can prevent private things from going to Google.

Turn Off Google Assistant: Nowadays everyone has a smartphone. People have become so attached to their smartphones that it becomes difficult to leave them for a moment. There are many such apps on these smartphones. Who has access to our contacts, microphone, and camera? This happens when we are installing these apps on our smartphones. Then they give access to all these things without thinking. The things we are talking about. All of them are being saved in the Google Store. What this means is that your phone is listening to your private conversations.

All Android smartphones used all over the world work on Google account. Without creating a Google account, you will not be able to download any app on your Android smartphone. Are not able to use many of its services. In such a situation, while creating a Google account, you give it many such permissions. Due to this every small and big information of reaches Google and then Google earns money by promoting advertisements based on the same.

Smartphone is listening to private things like this

Generally, all voice-activated technology uses the phone's microphone. For the phone to work immediately as soon as you say it, your phone must keep its virtual ear active. This means that your Android phone can listen to you all the time. If you also use Google Assistant, then the phone is listening to everything you say. Many apps take permission from location, microphone, and camera. After giving these permissions, these apps track us. In such a situation, there is also a facility to disable a special Google Assistant service so that the Android phone does not listen to your conversations. You can check your Google Assistant commands from My Google Activity.

Do these settings on the phone immediately

1 - To disable Google Assistant service, first of all, you have to open the Settings menu and go to Google.

2 - Now scroll down and click on Settings for Google apps.

3 – Then you have to tap on Search, Assistant & Voice.

4 - Here you have to tap on Google Assistant.

5 - Now the toggle on Hey Google has to be turned off.

6 - Along with this, you can also go to the option of Remove Voice Match.

If the Hey Google toggle was still on in your phone, then the phone was listening to you. In such a situation, by disabling this setting, the microphone of the phone cannot be used.