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You will soon be able to create your AI avatar with the help of photos on WhatsApp, know how it will work.


WhatsApp users in many countries can now use the Meta AI chatbot, which lets them create images, ask for recipes, and more. And soon messaging will have the ability to create your AI-generated images using AI tools. That's right, WhatsApp is testing this feature in the development phase on Android this month, as highlighted by Wabetainfo in this post.

Meta AI avatar from your photo: How it can work

The tipster has spotted the feature being tested with Android beta version which will be rolled out to beta testers soon. As you can see in the image below, the AI ​​generator message appears with this pop-up that gives you details about how Meta AI will create your AI avatar.

“This feature allows you to take a photo of yourself once, then ask Meta AI to create your AI images. To create your AI images, type “imagine me..” in your Meta AI chat. You can also use this feature in other chats by typing @metaAI imagine me…”

WhatsApp will first ask you to click a selfie of yours which will be used to read and analyse before creating an AI avatar with the right level of accuracy and details.

The tipster mentioned that users will retain full control over the feature, as they can delete their setup photos at any time through the Meta AI settings.

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