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You will not be able to send messages on WhatsApp after making this mistake, a new feature is coming


If you are also troubled by Spam Calls and messages search for many tricks and tips to get rid of it. Today we are going to give you some special information. The instant messaging app is bringing a new feature, which will work to restrict the account and they will not be able to send spam messages.

WAbetainfo, a website that tracks the upcoming features of WhatsApp, informed that the messaging app is working on a feature that will help in restricting the account. Its update will be released in the coming time.

The new beta version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp beta Android update is available on the Google Plays Store. This new feature has revealed that WhatsApp is working on a new feature, which will do account restriction. For this, Wabetainfo has also shared a screenshot.

Shown in screenshots, this is how the feature will work

In the screenshots given above (shared by Wabetainfo) you can see that the Restrict Users Account feature is being experimented with. After being restricted, users cannot start a new chat. However, during this time he can receive messages and reply to them.

WhatsApp's tool will automatically detect

WhatsApp uses automatic tools to detect abusive spam. Abusive Spam includes bulk messages and violations of company policy. This tool works automatically. In such a situation, this feature can prove beneficial for those people whose business or channel accounts get closed due to breaking the rules. It is better to have a restriction for a few days rather than having the account closed.

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