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You will be able to send stickers in WhatsApp with the help of AI, a new feature released


The number of WhatsApp users around the world is increasing day by day. Users use this social networking platform to interact and send messages to their friends. WhatsApp regularly introduces new features to improve the user experience. Meanwhile, a new feature is going to be introduced for the users soon.

WhatsApp will soon allow the use of stickers on the platform. Its special thing is that users can create their stickers. The company plans to upgrade this feature soon, allowing users to create stickers using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology within the app.

Users will be able to easily create AI stickers. According to a report by Wabetainfo, it has been revealed through beta update version on Google Play Store that a shortcut to create such stickers is being rolled out for the users. With this, users will be able to create stickers very easily. It is worth noting that Wabetainfo keeps a close eye on the upcoming features of WhatsApp.

Wabetainfo has tweeted about this,

"WhatsApp is soon going to provide AI stickers feature to the users. Testing is going on right now. It is currently available for beta users. This will make the sticker creation process extremely easy."

WhatsApp has not yet given any official information about when this new feature will arrive. However, it is estimated that this new feature will be made available to users by June.

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