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You can send photos and files on WhatsApp without internet, know-how


WhatsApp is about to bring a new feature through which you will be able to share files even without the internet. According to the leaked information, this messaging app is soon going to bring such technology through which you will be able to send photos, videos, songs, and documents even without the internet. A website named WABetaInfo has said that WhatsApp is working on this feature so that you can send files to anyone even without the internet. These files will also be encrypted, meaning no one will be able to see or change them.

Screenshots surfaced

Some information has been leaked on how the file-sharing feature will work on WhatsApp without the internet. Some screenshots have surfaced which show what permissions WhatsApp requires from your phone for this feature. An important permission is to find nearby phones on which this feature works. This is a general permission of Android which helps in finding nearby phones and sharing files with them through Bluetooth. But if you do not want to, you can also turn off this permission.

Permission will be required

To share files on WhatsApp without the internet, some permissions will be required. Firstly, to tell which phones around support this feature. This is a general permission to find nearby phones through Bluetooth, which you can also turn off if you want. The second permission will be to access your phone's files and photo gallery so that WhatsApp can find the file you want to share. The third permission will be of location so that it can be known whether the other phone is close enough to connect or not. This permission is necessary but there is no need to worry because WhatsApp will make sharing secure by hiding the phone number and encrypting the files.

Will work like ShareIT

This new feature will work like some old apps, like ShareIT. These apps are used to share files between two phones without internet. People often share photos, videos and documents on WhatsApp, so this new feature is going to be very useful for them.

Currently in trial phase

This feature of sharing files without internet on WhatsApp is still in the testing phase, that is, it has not been launched for the common people yet. But it is coming soon. This new method will make file sharing easy and secure.

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