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You can earn more money than your salary in these 3 ways even while doing a job! Even your employer won't mind


Everyone wants to earn a lot of money, but it is not so easy. Most people work and there are some limits to earning money on the job. In this, like in business, the income cannot suddenly increase manifold. If you are also a working person and are thinking of earning extra money, then let us know how to earn more money than salary while working. These 3 methods will help you in earning passive income.

In today's time, startup culture is growing rapidly. However, many people are not able to muster the strength to start a startup, but they have some extra money that they can invest in the business. If you also fall among such people, then you should look for those people who are thinking of starting a startup and who you also think are capable of being successful in a startup or business. You can become an angel investor by investing money in the business of such people and can earn some extra income apart from your salary.

You must have seen many times that one of your friends or relatives needs money, for which they turn to the bank. If you are sure that this friend or relative can repay the full amount on time, then you can give them a loan and earn interest on it. This can become a profitable deal for both. If you invest in FD, you will get a maximum of 7-8 percent interest at this time, whereas in taking a loan, your friend will have to pay at least 13-15 percent interest. In such a situation, if you give him a loan at the rate of 10-11 percent, then it is beneficial for both. Processing fees will also not be charged.

If you are interested in the stock market then this is also a good way to earn passive income. You can choose good shares by doing some research and invest money in them. However, invest money in the stock market only when you have the strength to take some risk. If you can take very little risk then you can opt for mutual funds. You can earn an average return of 12-13 percent from the stock market and mutual funds. If you can choose good shares then you can get even more profit.

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