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You can also create your mobile app, no need for coding, this company has brought a great idea


Wix AI-Powered Mobile App Builder: Israeli software company Wix has launched a new AI-powered chatbot for its mobile app builder platform. With the help of this app, you can also create an app for your website. The best thing is that you do not need coding knowledge to create an app. You can create an app with the help of text prompts. Not only this, this platform also works to create branded apps and place them on the app store.

What is Wix's new mobile app builder app?

With the help of the new mobile app builder app of the cloud-based no-code platform development company, anyone can easily create an app and deploy it on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are also available to create apps on the app-building platform. Let us tell you that the company has also recently introduced an AI-powered end-to-end website development tool.

Wix AI-Powered App Builder Chatbot: You will be able to create apps by speaking

The company said in its announcement that it is automating the entire app-building experience for its users. The no-code company is already allowing users to create apps without knowledge of backend and frontend software development. Users can customize and create the front end using easy tools while creating the back end.

Now with the new upgrade, the company is making the process of creating the app even easier. Wix is ​​calling this tool "Conversational AI Chat Experience". As the name suggests, it is a chatbot that asks users several questions about the app, and based on the information given, it can create a customized app.

Wix AI-Powered App Builder Chatbot: How much is the price

According to the company's website, the price of a paid subscription to the app builder starts at $99 (about Rs 8,300) per month. At this price, users get access to the platform and AI chatbot.

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