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With the feature of IRCTC, you can book tickets in a very short time.


A large number of people travel by train in the country. A large number of people have to travel urgently. Today we will give you information about how you can book train tickets in minutes with a feature of IRCTC.

You can book Tatkal train tickets quickly using IRCTC's master list and e-wallet feature.

In IRCTC's master list feature, you can book your ticket by adding the passenger's name, age, gender, etc. For this, you have to click on the Book Now button. Adding a passenger from the master list will save time.

Before booking the ticket, you will have the option to add money to the e-wallet. If this happens, you will not have to give card details while booking the ticket. This will save time. By doing this, you can book Tatkal train tickets.

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