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Will not be visible online on WhatsApp, will have to do this setting


You get many features on WhatsApp. The company also offers such privacy features, with the help of which you can hide your online status.

It is very easy to turn on this feature. With its help, you will not be seen online by anyone even while using WhatsApp.

To turn on this feature, you have to open WhatsApp. Here you will find three dots in the top right corner, on which you will have to click.

Now you have to go to the settings option. After this many options will appear in front of you. From this, you will have to click on Privacy.

You will see many options for privacy. Now you have to go to the options of Last Seen and Online.

Now you will get two options. With one you can set the last scene. The second one gives you the option to hide the online status.

You can either allow online status for everyone or set it to the last seen setting. two options are available

Setting it to the Last Seen setting means that the option you have chosen for Last Seen will also be applicable for online status.

You can hide Last Seen for everyone or some people or for whom. If you want, you can hide it for selected users also.

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