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Wifi speed problem: If you want fast internet then never make these mistakes with the router, Wifi speed will deteriorate in summer..

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Not only humans are getting scorched by the intense heat, but complaints of overheating in appliances are also increasing. Nothing seems better than WiFi in terms of internet speed. The broadband connection provides strong speed and unlimited data. But broadband users are facing many problems due to heat. Actually, due to intense heat, there is a problem with the WiFi connection, and the speed is also getting affected. In such a situation, special care must be taken of the WiFi router in the summer. If you do not keep your WiFi router cool, then it can cause many problems.

When routers get too hot, they become slow and can disconnect the device from the internet, which slows down the internet speed and can cause delays during video or audio playback.

If the router heats up too much, then it also causes problems in all wireless connectivity, and all connected devices can get disconnected. So let's know how they can be kept cool and taken care of in the summer.

1. Make sure there is adequate air circulation around the router. Avoid placing the router behind furniture or in enclosed spaces like cabinets. It is best to place it on a shelf or stand that does not block the vents on the sides or bottom of the router and allows air to pass through.

2. Keep the router out of direct sunlight and avoid covering its vents with something like a book, paper, or cloth.

3. Avoid placing your WiFi router near other electronics like computers, TVs, and microwaves as other appliances also emit heat which can cause the router to overheat.

4. Keep your router in a well-ventilated place where there is air circulation and if it is getting too hot, you can use a table fan to help cool it down.

5. Try to turn off the WiFi modem when not in use, so that it also gets a chance to cool down in such heat. If the router stays cool, it will be able to provide good speed.

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