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WhatsApp- WhatsApp has made changes in the reply feature, know about it


The world's number one instant messaging app WhatsApp adds new features to improve the experience of its users, In we talk about July last year, WhatsApp introduced the Instant Video Notes feature, which revolutionized the way users connect by facilitating instant video sharing.

This feature fills the gap where text messages fail to convey certain messages effectively. WhatsApp has taken this interaction further by testing a new Quick Reply feature for video messages.

This feature simplifies the response process for the user. A new shortcut next to the video message enables beta testers to reply faster without navigating to the menu or using gestures.

Initially, this feature is available for beta testers, but it will gradually be rolled out to more users. Apart from this, WhatsApp is also going to make changes in viewing status, where thumbnails will provide previews without opening them directly.

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