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WHATSAPP: What is WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption feature?


WhatsApp is used on a large scale in the country, but very few people know about all its features.

WhatsApp takes great care of the safety and privacy of its users. Know what is end-to-end encryption feature.

WhatsApp launched the end-to-end encryption feature in the year 2016.

The end-to-end encryption feature has recently become a point of battle between the social media platform WhatsApp and the government.

WhatsApp had introduced this feature to maintain the privacy of the users.

In the end-to-end encryption feature, only the recipient of the message can see the sent message through a code.

According to WhatsApp, apart from two users, no third person can read the message. This means that even WhatsApp cannot read the user's messages.

In this feature, photos, videos, calls, messages, documents, status, and audio all remain completely safe.

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