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WhatsApp Video Call Scam: Know how to avoid this mega scam, do not send money out of panic..

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WhatsApp is the biggest and most popular app used for communication in the world today and this is why it is being misused. There is a big game going on to blackmail people and extort money through their photos and videos. You will receive a call from an unknown number and then a request will be made for a video call. After this, your video call will be recorded and it will be edited with nude or adult content and money will be demanded. In today's report, we will tell you ways to avoid such scams or fraud.

What to do first in such a situation
If any such incident happens to you, then inform your friends about it and also share the information about this incident with family members.

Do not make the mistake of sending money out of fear
Never make the mistake of giving money out of fear of such blackmailing, because giving money once will not leave you alone. These blackmailers will ask for money from you again and again.

Take the help of cyber police
If such an incident happens, file an FIR with evidence at the nearest police station. Apart from this, go to the handle of X (formerly Twitter) @Cyberdost and give complete information in the message. You can also complain about it by dialing 1930.

Collect evidence
If someone is trying to blackmail you by misusing your photos, then keep a screenshot of all the messages received from them, because these people delete the account after some time. In such a situation, you will not have any evidence.

Do not delete the message out of fear of family members
If any such incident happens to you, then do not make the mistake of deleting the message. These messages will be very useful as evidence. Deleting such a message means that you are deleting the evidence yourself.

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