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WhatsApp users will now be able to keep their favorite chats in a separate section


The company has announced this new feature in New Delhi (EMS). Under the new feature on the social media platform WhatsApp, users will now be able to keep their favorite chats in a separate section.

WhatsApp is preparing to offer a special feature for the convenience of its Android. After the arrival of this feature, users will get a separate 'favorite' chat filter in the chat. This feature is currently in the development stage. According to the report, it is available to those testers who have registered through the Google Play Beta program.

Once it comes in beta, these users will be able to see this feature and test it. Wabetainfo has seen this new feature of Android on version, this feature allows users to separate their favorite chats using a new filter. This can prove to be helpful for those who receive a lot of messages from many people and have trouble finding their regular contacts.

While there is also a chat pinning feature, users on the platform can only pin 3 messages. The new feature has also been shown in the screenshot in which it can be seen that users will get four options on the chat page. The first of these is All, then Unread, Favorite, and finally Groups.

Users can enter it and chat according to their choice. Wabetainfo also claims that users can also delete and reorder chats according to their choice. This feature is currently in beta, so not all beta testers will be able to see it right now, but it is expected to be introduced in the next few days.

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