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WhatsApp Update: This security feature is coming for the WhatsApp group, it will prove to be a gift for new members..

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WhatsApp has started rolling out a new feature that will improve group messaging and also provide better security. New members in WhatsApp groups will see a reference information of the group. This will make it easier for the member to decide whether to join that group or not. Along with the reference information, a shortcut button will also be visible for group exit. If the new member does not like the group, he will immediately exit the group through this button.

This new feature of WhatsApp has been named the Group Safety Context Card. When a user who is not in your contact list adds you to a group, you will see this context card which will contain information about the group. This card will be visible in the chat window itself.

After the new update, when you are added to a group by an unknown person, you will also get a message of "added by a non-contact". The name of the member will also be visible on this card, but this is possible only when the member has given his name in the profile setting.

Let us tell you that in the year 2019, WhatsApp introduced a safety feature, after which when an unknown person adds you to a group, you first get a group invite, which you can be added to the group only after approving it, however, for this, you will first have to change the group privacy settings of your WhatsApp.

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