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WhatsApp Update: Sharing content on the WhatsApp channel is now a piece of cake, forward the latest updates like this..

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If you use WhatsApp, then this new update can be useful for you. A new feature has been introduced by the company for the admin on WhatsApp channel.

Channel admin can forward updates
Channel admin can now forward important updates from any other channel to their channel. Yes, that means the channel admin does not need to type any post again.

Useful information can be forwarded directly. However, the company has clarified that the Forwarded label will also be visible on the forwarded post. The link to the original channel will also be visible on such forwarded posts.

How to forward the new update to the channel
First of all, you have to go to the Updates tab.

Now you have to open the channel from where you want to share a post.

The post has to be selected with a long press, which you want to forward.

Now you have to click on the right-side facing arrow from the top bar.

Now you have to search your channel from the search icon.

Now to get the channel, you have to click on the channel tap on the green arrow, and send it.

These things are also important regarding forwarded content.

Regarding forwarding updates, WhatsApp says that one channel update can be forwarded to only one channel at a time. Along with this, the update being forwarded cannot be edited when it is sent to the channel.

Your post will be public.
WhatsApp says that even if the content shared on the channel is forwarded, it will be public for everyone. All the followers of the channel will be able to see this post.

Followers will be able to see all the updates of the channel, which have been shared by the admin. Those users who do not follow the channel will also be able to see 30-day-old updates.