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WhatsApp Update: Two amazing features came in WhatsApp, know here...

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The use of the popular social media platform WhatsApp has become common. On this platform, people can easily chat with anyone. Also, you can share a lot including photos, audio, and videos. You must know all this, but do you know that two amazing features have been added to the chatting app WhatsApp? Yes, WhatsApp, a company working under Meta, has recently released two new special updates for almost all users. Due to these two features, the work of the users will become very easy. Also, the chatting experience of the users will become better than before.

Now this facility will be available on the platform.
The company is constantly working to bring great features to its platform. In this episode, two great updates have been found on WhatsApp. Now Instagram and Facebook apps can be easily opened through WhatsApp itself. Yes, if you do not know yet, then let us tell you that the company released this feature some time ago. After the arrival of this feature, now users will not have to go out of WhatsApp to open Instagram and Facebook. In such a situation, users will have easy and convenient access to Instagram and Facebook.

You can use it in this way.
To take advantage of this feature, users have to open WhatsApp on their devices.

After this, click on the three dots given at the top.

Then click on the setting option given below.

After this, scroll down and come to the bottom, you will get the option of Open Instagram and Open Facebook.

Whichever option the users click on, will take them directly to their profile.

The second update in WhatsApp
Along with this, talking about the second update of WhatsApp, now users can put a status of up to 60 seconds. This feature has been released a few days ago. In such a situation, users can now put a bigger video on the status than before. If you do not know, then let us tell you that earlier there was an option to put a status of up to 30 seconds on WhatsApp.

The app is working on many new updates.
Apart from this, WhatsApp is working on many features. Users will soon get the facility of a dialer feature in WhatsApp. After the arrival of this feature, users will be able to call anyone from within the app itself. In such a situation, users will not need to leave the app. At the same time, WhatsApp has recently released Meta AI for users. Meta AI works just like OpenAI's ChatGPT. Meta AI can answer many types of questions. Meta AI works on LLM i.e. Large Language Model. Currently, it is available only with the support of the English language.

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