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WhatsApp Update: Meta is releasing a new update, Blue tick will be available on WhatsApp account with AI..

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If you also use WhatsApp Business account then there is good news for you. The company is releasing the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for WhatsApp Business Account. Apart from this, the company is also giving blue tick. Both these features will be released first for Indian users. The company is also releasing the feature of call support for WhatsApp Business Account.

Meta released its AI model Llama-3 AI for WhatsApp a few days ago, which is currently available to only a few users. This tool works just like ChatGPT. With this, you can ask many questions. Apart from this, with its help you can also create AI photos.

Now the support of this Meta AI is being released for WhatsApp Business Account. The advantage of this will be that customers will get immediate solutions in case of problems. Currently, this feature is being released in India and Singapore and will soon be released in Brazil.

After Instagram and Facebook, now WhatsApp users will also get a blue tick, although it will be only for WhatsApp business accounts. This blue tick will be visible along with the profile name. This blue tick will help in identifying whether the brand is fake or real. Currently, blue ticks are visible on WhatsApp channels.

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