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WhatsApp Update: AI will do wonders in WhatsApp's new feature, know-how...

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WhatsApp, the popular social media platform under Meta, often brings new updates for its users. In such a situation, know what: WhatsApp users will soon be able to create profile photos with the help of AI. The new feature can be very special for the users.

WhatsApp's AI photo feature will first come to Android and then iOS users. The AI profile photo feature is currently undergoing beta testing.   Users will also be able to create AI stickers with the help of this feature, which will significantly change the user experience.   It is being said in the reports that in this feature, users will also get the option to customize the photo.

  WhatsApp's AI photo feature will strengthen the privacy of users. Through this feature, users will be able to avoid sharing their original photos.   After the introduction of this feature, users will not have the fear of taking screenshots of profile photos.   At present, there is no information as to when this feature will be rolled out.

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