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WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp's new feature failed, and users are facing big problems..

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WhatsApp chatting app often gets new updates from time to time. In the last few years, the social media platform has introduced many great features. In such a situation, WhatsApp recently rolled out an amazing feature. The chatting app has come up with a feature called Favorite Chat Filter. This update was rolled out for beta users. In such a situation, now a bad news is coming. The company had released this feature for testing, but its response was not good.

The problem in WhatsApp's new feature
The company, which keeps an eye on every update of the WhatsApp social media app, has claimed in its report that the app of beta testers users using this new update crashed. According to the report, this new feature was being tested on the beta version. It is also claimed in the reports that this problem was seen in both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business as soon as the new feature was used.

Beta users complained
The report states that many beta users have complained that after using the favorite chat filter, there is a problem with calling and daily work. Users are also not able to talk to their contacts properly. Due to this, users had to face a lot of trouble. The report further states that this problem is being faced by some beta users. At the same time, many users also said that after this problem came when the app was closed with force or the phone was shut down and restarted, the problem did not go away.

After installing the new beta version of WhatsApp, this bug starts appearing on the phone. In such a situation, to overcome this problem, beta users have to keep in mind that the process of installing it is step-by-step. In this way, the bug of the chatting app will be removed.

Know what the favorite chat filter feature
WhatsApp had rolled out the beta version for beta users. In this version, the Favorite Chat Filter feature was introduced for beta users. You can secure your chat with a specific person on the WhatsApp chatting app. For this, the Favorite Chat Filter feature has been introduced. This feature can be used in chats with those people with whom users talk more. Users get a separate chat filter in this feature. The filter feature can be used in multiple chats, which is not available in the pin option.

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