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WhatsApp Update: Users got Meta AI on WhatsApp, know what you can do with this chatbot?


Meta AI has started rolling out for users on WhatsApp. After getting this feature, users have got many special facilities. Now images can be generated on WhatsApp itself with just one text without any third-party app.

An answer to any query can be obtained in minutes. The way to use it is also very easy. While using it, it feels like you are chatting on WhatsApp. The process of using this chatbot and what can be done with it. We are going to tell everything here.

What is Meta AI?
Meta AI is a chatbot, which allows generating images with just one text. Its special feature is that only one text has to be entered here and it also answers the related query. Using this chatbot can make the conversation fun. It can generate images and GIFs and many more things can be done with it. This feature has come on the WhatsApp screen in the form of a blue ring icon.

What to do to use
To use the latest Meta AI, users have to ensure that they are using the latest version of WhatsApp. If users do not have the latest version of WhatsApp, they will not get this feature. To get Meta AI, first of all, you have to update WhatsApp. It is also easy to use.

What can you do?
Step 1- Users have to tap on the Meta icon.

Step 2- If they want to generate an image, they have to enter a prompt.

Step 3- If you want an answer to a query, then its answer can also be obtained in seconds.

Step 4- The better the prompt is entered, the better the image and the answer to the query will be.

The new feature also available on Instagram
Meta has started rolling out the new feature for Instagram users as well. To use this also, users have to click on the Meta AI blue ring icon and register their prompt.

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