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WhatsApp Update: Change the theme color of WhatsApp, and the app interface of such users becomes green.


The company keeps updating some or the other features in WhatsApp every day. Because of this, users always feel newness in the messenger. Recently there has been a big change in the color of WhatsApp Messenger. The color theme has changed in WhatsApp. Earlier in iOS, Messenger used to use a blue theme, but now a green theme has started appearing in the app. The shade has also been replaced in Android. The color scheme has now been made more attractive than before.

WhatsApp has also changed the color scheme in India. A new color scheme has started appearing in the app. The interface now appears in a different shade of green. Let us try to find out what is the reason behind this. Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, says that it wants to give users a modern and fresh experience. With this new change, the app will now become more accessible and easier to use. The company said in a statement that it has changed the look and feel of WhatsApp. The spacing has also been changed, as well as the colors and icons.

The latest update of WhatsApp has been released for both iOS and Android users. The shade of green appears to be changing in Android. It has become brighter than before. The blue color theme was first seen in the iPhone. Now green scheme has also been introduced. Dark mode has been made darker than before. Talking about the latest updates related to WhatsApp, the company has given a big statement regarding working in India. The instant messaging platform recently said a big thing in the Delhi High Court.

According to the report, WhatsApp has told the High Court that if it is forced to remove encryption then it will cease operations, i.e. leave India. This whole matter is related to the new rules of IT. WhatsApp and Facebook have filed a petition in the Delhi High Court against these rules. Meta-owned WhatsApp says removing encryption could put users' privacy at risk.

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