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Whatsapp update calling feature: Everything about the new feature, how to make direct calls on WhatsApp?


In the modern era, digital traffic has become necessary for everyone. In this era, the medium of communication plays an important role. Social media applications such as WhatsApp have provided an important platform for this messaging. Now WhatsApp has announced the addition of another new feature through its new update – the 'Direct Calling' feature. This new feature will allow users to call their contacts directly through WhatsApp. WhatsApp has given information in this regard. According to the source, customers will get it in the beta version. Google Play Store now shows hints of the current beta version of WhatsApp. That means it will remain in test mode for the time being. It will be tested here first and then distributed to all users. This will make it much easier for you to make calls.

After hearing about this new update, people's curiosity has increased. This feature can open new dimensions of communication and help WhatsApp gain more popularity. It is being seen as a great alternative for WhatsApp users so that they will not need other messaging applications.

Talking about the benefits of this new feature, there is already a facility for users to send and receive messages on WhatsApp, but now they will also get the facility to listen and speak messages. This will make users more sensitive to communication and bring a new depth to personal interactions. Apart from this, with the help of this feature users will also be able to participate in remote meetings and dialogues. This feature of WhatsApp can prove to be important, especially in the time of Covid-19, when people are considered safe to stay at home.

Another important thing about WhatsApp's calling feature is that it is more user-friendly than other video-calling apps. This reduces the risk of the user getting contacted by malicious or unknown people, as it provides the facility to receive or make calls according to their contacts. This makes the user's interactive calling experience more secure and reliable.

This feature is designed as per the demands and complexities of modern times. The demands of today's users are increasing and they need easy and secure options for communication. WhatsApp has developed this feature keeping this seriality in mind.

Here once again, WhatsApp has provided another feature to its users that will make it even more convenient for them to communicate with their contacts. The launch of the WhatsApp calling feature will bring a big change in the communication experience of the people and will give them a chance to communicate on another level. This is being seen as a unique and useful feature that will enhance the communication experience for users.

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