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WhatsApp Tips: WhatsApp will turn black at night and white in daylight, you just need to turn on this setting..

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Meta's chatting app WhatsApp is being used by millions of users across the world. The use of this app is not limited to chatting only.

WhatsApp is also used for video-voice calling and file sharing. This is a chatting app that is used countless times in 24 hours.

WhatsApp can tire the eyes

Have you ever felt eye strain with WhatsApp? Have you ever felt that using WhatsApp at night with high brightness is tiring the eyes? If yes, then this special setting of WhatsApp is for you.

Many types of facilities are available for users on WhatsApp. One of these facilities is regarding the display theme. You can choose the right theme according to your needs on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will turn black as soon as night falls

The dark mode option is available on WhatsApp. Once you make the WhatsApp theme dark, it makes using WhatsApp at night much easier.

The bright light shining from the screen will not affect the eyes. Instead, WhatsApp can be used with a black background instead of white.

This setting is also useful in preventing WhatsApp messages from being read by another person. With high brightness, WhatsApp details can be read as soon as another person sees them. On the other hand, if the background remains black, it remains out of the view of others.

How to turn on dark mode on WhatsApp

First of all, WhatsApp has to be opened.

Now click on the three-dot option in the top right corner.

Now tap on Settings.

Now come to Chats.

Now click on Theme.

Now choose dark mode from Dark, Light, or System Default.

Note: WhatsApp can be used with light mode during the day and dark mode at night. If you want, you can use WhatsApp with a dark theme both day and night.

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