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WhatsApp Tips: Forgot WhatsApp two-step verification PIN? Reset in this easy way..

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Today, crores of people in the country use WhatsApp. Through this platform, people can easily chat, share photos, and videos, and do many other important tasks. The security and privacy of the users are also taken care of in this social media app which comes under META. Meta keeps bringing many features from time to time for the security of this app. In such a situation, a two-step verification PIN has become a special feature for the security of this app. In such a situation, if you have forgotten your two-step verification PIN or want to reset it once again, then know further what its process is.

How to change two-step verification PIN
For your information, let us tell you that two options are available to reset the two-step verification PIN on WhatsApp. If your account is linked to an email, you can change it through that.

First of all, you have to open WhatsApp
To go to settings you have to click on three vertical dots.
After this, click on Settings in the main menu.
Many options will be available here. In this, the account has to be selected.
After this, you must navigate to the Two-Step Verification PIN and click on it.
Then go to the option of Forget PIN and click on it.
If your email is linked with WhatsApp then click on Send Email option.
After this, the password will be sent to the email from WhatsApp.
Then you have to open the concerned email go to the email received from WhatsApp and reset the two-step verification PIN again.

Know what is the second option
If there is no email link on the WhatsApp account, then another option will have to be adopted.
For this, the process mentioned above up to Forget PIN will have to be followed.
After this, the user will have to wait for at least 7 days.
This step is taken by WhatsApp to prevent any illegal access.
After 7 days, the option of resetting the account will be available in the account section.
After this users can change the two-step verification PIN.

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