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WhatsApp Tips: How to share screen on WhatsApp, know the step-by-step process..

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Instant multimedia messaging app WhatsApp is being used on a large scale today. WhatsApp is now being used for group video calls instead of Zoom, Meet, and Teams. WhatsApp has gradually become a professional communication platform. WhatsApp has also prepared itself with time.

Earlier one had to download an app for screen share but now it is not required. Now you can share your screen on WhatsApp only. Many people will be aware of it but many people will not be aware. Today in this report we will talk about how to share screens on WhatsApp...

How to share screens on WhatsApp?

First of all update the WhatsApp app.

After this, call the person with whom you want to share the screen.

Now you will see many options at the bottom.

One of those icons will have a forward arrow symbol on it.

Click on it and now click on Start.

After this, the screen sharing will start.

During screen sharing, do not open the banking app or any such apps on the phone which can cause harm to you, because during screen sharing, the other person can see every action happening on your phone.

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