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WhatsApp Tips: WhatsApp data will not disappear if you change your number, transfer it like this..

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Changing the number on WhatsApp has become very easy. Earlier, when you changed the number, everyone had to be informed about it, but now it is not so. Now if you change the old WhatsApp number to the new one, then its notification is automatically received by all the contacts. Changing the number is easy, but what will happen to those photos, videos, and messages that are attached to the previous WhatsApp number?

You will be surprised to know that WhatsApp has a feature with the help of which the chat of the old number can be easily transferred to the new number, although very few people know about it. If you change the WhatsApp number and want to keep the old data safe too, then this report is useful for you.

How to change your number on WhatsApp?
If you are not changing the phone then there is no problem, but if you are changing the mobile along with the number, then take a local backup of your data before changing the number on WhatsApp.

Open WhatsApp on the phone and go to Settings.

Now click on "Account" and click on the option of "Change Number".

Now read the information given on the screen carefully. In this, you will be asked about migrating chats, settings, and data.

Now click on "Next" and enter the old and new numbers.

Now you have to choose whether the notification of number change should be sent to all your contacts or not.

For this, you will get three options All Contacts, Contacts I have chats with, and Custom option.

Choose any option according to your choice and then click on "Done".

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