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WhatsApp Tips: Video not being sent through WhatsApp? Know how to solve this problem


Users of the world's most popular social media platform WhatsApp are facing problems. WhatsApp is commonly used to share messages, photos, and videos with family and friends. However, some users are facing problems in sending videos through WhatsApp. Complaints have been made on Reddit regarding this issue. According to media reports, due to a glitch in the Android version of the app, users are not able to send videos through WhatsApp. When trying to send a video, users get a pop-up message saying, Can’t send this video. Choose a different video ad try again."

These people faced problems

Interestingly, this problem is especially occurring with videos recorded on the phone or downloaded directly to the device. Additionally, videos downloaded from Instagram are also not shared with WhatsApp contacts. However, no issues have been reported with sending recorded videos on iPhones or between iPhone users.

That's why the video was not sent

Not all WhatsApp users have faced this problem. A select number of Android users, including those using Galaxy S series phones, have experienced this issue. It is believed that the problem with sending videos may be caused by a bug, which is specifically seen in WhatsApp version v2.24.9.34.

Fix the problem like this

This problem may persist even in the latest beta version of WhatsApp. If you are not able to send the video then there is an easy solution. To fix this bug you can use the older Android version of WhatsApp v2.24.8.85. At present, users are waiting for WhatsApp to fix this bug and release an updated version of the app.

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