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Whatsapp Tips: This way you can send messages on WhatsApp without the internet, know-how


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If you have a smartphone, chances are you use WhatsApp for messaging. But did you know that you can send WhatsApp messages even without an internet connection? If not, let's know about this new feature in detail.

How to send a message without the internet?

WhatsApp provides a proxy feature to its users. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched this feature last year. With the help of this feature, you can easily send WhatsApp messages even without an internet connection. To use this feature, you have to enable the proxy feature on your phone.

How to enable the proxy feature?

First, open WhatsApp on your phone.

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of WhatsApp. Then select "Settings" from the menu that appears.

In the Settings menu, tap the "Storage and Data" option.

In the "Storage and Data" menu, find the "Proxy" option and tap on it.

In the "Proxy" menu, you will see fields for the proxy address and "Port". Enter your proxy address and port information.

Once the proxy is successfully enabled, a green check mark will appear once the proxy address is saved, indicating that the proxy address has been connected.

Important points to note

If you still can't make calls or send messages after enabling the proxy feature, you can long press to delete the existing proxy address and add a new one. Make sure to create a proxy address using a trusted source. With a proxy network, you can use social media platforms or search engines to send messages or make calls without an internet connection. Many users may wonder if this feature is safe.