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WhatsApp Tips: These 3 tools add life to WhatsApp chatting, people do not use them..

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WhatsApp has made the lives of all of us very easy. This makes our everyday things easier, and that is why instant messaging service keeps offering new features every day. However, it would not be wrong to say that not everyone would know about all the features. Some features become necessary for privacy, hence WhatsApp keeps giving information about some features continuously so that the users are aware of the important features. Meanwhile, by releasing WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp has shared information about three special tools of the app and told how important they are.

Edit Message: You can edit a message up to 15 minutes after sending it. This message will be updated for all users involved in the chat. ‘Edited’ will appear next to the time stamp on the edited message. Let us tell you that if you edit a message, the people involved in your chat will not get a notification of the new chat.

Pin Message: If you feel that there is an important message and it does not get lost somewhere in the chat, then the message can be pinned in the chat. The pinned message will remain visible as a banner at the top of the chat until the pin is removed from the message.

You can pin up to three messages to the top of a chat. Once a message is pinned, it will remain present as a banner at the top of the chat for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. You can view that message in the chat by tapping on the pinned message banner.

Message Yourself: You can save important notes and messages by sending messages to yourself. The ‘Message Yourself’ feature looks and works just like a normal chat. With this chat, you will not be able to make audio or video calls to yourself, mute notifications, block or report yourself, and will not be able to see your 'last seen' and online status.

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