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Whatsapp tips: If you are facing a problem downloading documents from WhatsApp, then do this, the app itself gives a special solution.


WhatsApp News: WhatsApp is an instant messaging app, which is used by millions of people around the world. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it has users in every country. WhatsApp recently released a new beta update for Android users. This update included a new way to view media. But, after the arrival of this update, many people were facing problems.

Actually, after installing the new update, people were having trouble downloading any document on WhatsApp. Now the good news is that WhatsApp has fixed this problem. According to the report of WaBetaInfo, this problem has been fixed in version

These people were having problems

According to the report, some beta testers were not able to send any documents through WhatsApp. During testing, he found that he was not able to download any document. At first, it seemed that only PDF files were not being downloaded, but later it was found that no document was being downloaded.

What should be done

If you also test WhatsApp beta and you are having trouble downloading documents, then you should download the new update of WhatsApp beta ( from the Google Play Store. This problem has been fixed in this update.

A new feature of WhatsApp

Also, WhatsApp is working on another new feature. With the help of this feature, all users will get the same experience. This feature is called account restriction. If a user's account is restricted, he will not be able to send new messages to anyone for a short period. But, he will be able to reply to messages in groups and previous chats. This means that important conversations can take place.

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