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WhatsApp: This new feature of WhatsApp will make event planning even easier


We all use WhatsApp. If seen, some new updates keep coming on WhatsApp every day. To make their platform better, they add something new to their users every day. WhatsApp is also being used on a large scale as a video calling, voice calling, and messaging app. It has also started being used as a medium of communication. Be it school or office, WhatsApp is being used everywhere as a form of group communication.

WhatsApp keeps releasing new features from time to time for its users. Now recently WhatsApp has once again released a new feature with the help of which you will be able to plan for any event. This new feature of WhatsApp will also send event invitations to people through e-mail.

With the help of this new feature of WhatsApp, you can also pin the event to a WhatsApp group. By providing this facility, all the members will be able to see it. Along with this, we are preparing to bring another new update in WhatsApp, in which all the members of the group can give their reply to any announcement and will also be able to give feedback.

This new event feature of WhatsApp has been released keeping the community in mind. In the coming time, it can also be released for all groups. A big feature of WhatsApp which will be related to your security. Recently, WhatsApp has also working on a new feature in its beta version, after which the users of WhatsApp will Automatic blocks will be possible, and people who violate the policy can also be blocked.

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