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WhatsApp Scam Update: If you escape from the WhatsApp Group Scam, everything is fine..

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In recent days, WhatsApp group scams are increasing rapidly. Recently, two brothers from Pune have been duped by Rs 2.45 lakh in this scam. These cyber thugs do a recce of the social media profiles of the people who are to be targeted. After this, contact was made on WhatsApp number and gradually the acquaintance increased. After that, a fake investment plan is told and a huge amount is claimed as a return.

After this, one is added to a WhatsApp group where tips and information about stock and share market are shared. One is asked to download a software or mobile app. Initially, a huge amount is shown as balance as a return. A fake account is also opened in this app. People included in the group share the screenshot of their earnings in the group.

Gradually the victim gets convinced and invests all his earnings. After this, the return amount starts appearing in the account but you cannot withdraw the money or transfer it to your account.

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