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WhatsApp Scam Call: How to identify scam calls coming on WhatsApp, safety tips to avoid them..

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Online scams are increasing rapidly. Scammers are inventing new ways to cheat people. In such a situation, it is a difficult task for common people to keep themselves safe. Now a new scam has come into trend in the market.

In this, fraud is being carried out by WhatsApp users. Users receive calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp and some people also get trapped in this fraud. Here we are telling what is the WhatsApp scam and what should be done to stay safe from it.

What is a WhatsApp call scam?
In WhatsApp call scams, scammers call innocent people to carry out fraud. In which they ask for help from you as someone close to you. The voice used in such calls is AI-generated. Based on a small voice clip of the person in whose voice they want to make the call, they generate a fake voice through AI.

How is the scam being executed?
After this, calls are made to common people and it is said that I am your brother or your son. I am trapped here. Give me some money. Apart from this, many scammers call innocent people posing as government officers. In which it is said that their child has been caught by the police. If you want to get him released, then give him this much money.

It is clear from seeing this that a scam is happening. But despite this, people get trapped in it and share personal information with scammers. Based on which scammers steal bank details and carry out fraud.

Safety tips to avoid it
To keep yourself safe from this scam happening on WhatsApp, users should take care of some special things. If you keep these things in mind, then you can keep yourself safe from scams to a great extent.

Identifying scam calls: The easiest way to identify scam calls is to first check the number thoroughly. Such calls usually start with a number other than 91.

Poor audio quality: The voice in fake calls sounds altered. Since it is generated by AI, it can be identified. Often, fraudsters keep the voice quality poor on calls so that they can be easily identified.

Personal information: If personal information is asked on a WhatsApp call, then any mistake in this situation can prove to be costly. Therefore, one should never share personal information.

Threatening calls: Scammers make threatening calls to common people and demand money. If someone does this to you, then you should understand that the call has been made to commit fraud.

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