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WhatsApp Scam Alert: Know here the easy tips to avoid WhatsApp video call scams..

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Avoid picking up video calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp, the caller can scam you by pretending to be a victim. If you are talking to an unknown person on a video call, never share your personal information with him. To avoid video call scams, you must identify the real identity of a call coming from an unknown number. Check what is the real identity of the caller.

Never let your private things come out during a video call. Even your small personal information can be big for scammers. If someone makes any kind of demand from you on a video call, then you need to be careful. If you find anything wrong during a WhatsApp video call, then report it. You can also block that number.

To avoid a WhatsApp video call scam, you will also have to educate yourself a little. If you have information, then no one will be able to scam you easily. Along with saving yourself from a WhatsApp video call scam, try to save your loved ones as well. For this, inform as many people as possible about this.

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