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WhatsApp New Feature: You can update 1 minute long voice status on WhatsApp..

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WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that allows users to share longer voice messages in status updates. The feature is available for both iPhone and Android versions of the app. The Meta-owned instant messaging platform has been working on several new features in recent times, such as AI-generated profile pictures and the option to clear the count of unread messages.

Longer voice status updates on WhatsApp
Earlier, WhatsApp users could share voice notes up to 30 seconds long as a status update. To share a voice message, one has to tap and hold the microphone icon on the status update page. Now, the platform has increased the duration of voice notes to one minute.

We were able to confirm the feature is available on devices. In our test, we found that now a 1-minute long voice message can be shared as a status update. The feature is now available on both Android and iOS platforms. The rollout of this feature will increase the convenience of those who used to divide long voice messages into multiple parts of a maximum of 30 seconds to put as WhatsApp status updates.

WhatsApp usually releases updates in a phased manner, so if you haven't received this feature on your device, we would recommend you first update the app to the latest version even then if you don't get it, you may have to wait for a few days.

Apart from this, according to WhatsApp update tracker WABetaInfo, the platform is working on bringing several new features for users. One of the recently reported features is Create with AI, which allows users to create AI-generated profile pictures. With this, users will be able to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalized images that match their interests, personality, and moods.

Apart from this, a chat theme feature is also being developed. According to reports, WhatsApp may soon allow users to choose from five preset themes - blue, green (which is the default), gray, red, and purple. Selecting a theme can reportedly change the color of the chat as well as the chat background.

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