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WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp offers this powerful feature, people taking screenshots may face problem


WhatsApp New Feature: Keeping in mind the privacy of the users, WhatsApp has brought a powerful feature that has been designed keeping the display in mind

WhatsApp New Feature: Keeping in mind that WhatsApp users do not face any kind of problem, the company has offered a new feature for their privacy. This feature is for displaying pictures. If you are also worried that someone may copy your picture or misuse it, then this feature will be very useful for you.

WhatsApp users can no longer screenshot DP

Indeed, WhatsApp users can no longer take a screenshot of someone's profile photo. This new privacy feature was introduced in March 2024 and is gradually being rolled out to all users. This feature is similar to WhatsApp's "View Once" feature, under which sent messages and photos disappear after being viewed once.

Here are some important things you should know about this new feature:

This feature is on by default.

If you try to take a screenshot of someone's profile photo, you'll see a notification saying it's not possible to take a screenshot.

You can still download someone's profile photo if they set it as "Share with everyone" in their "Profile Photo" settings.

This feature only applies to profile photos. You can still take a screenshot of a photo sent in someone's chat.

This feature may be disappointing for some users who used to rely on taking a screenshot to save one's profile photos.

However, this is an important privacy improvement for users who want to keep their profile photos more private.

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