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WhatsApp New Feature: Android and iPhone users started getting this amazing feature.


WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging app. The popularity of this app is very high all over the world including India and it is continuously increasing. The main reason for this is the continuous changes being made by WhatsApp in its app. WhatsApp always keeps introducing new updates or features to keep its users attracted to this app. WhatsApp has done something similar this time too.

WhatsApp introduced a new design

WhatsApp has introduced a new design for its app interface. After seeing this new design, you will feel that the look of WhatsApp has changed a lot.

Wabetainfo, a platform that provides information about all new and latest updates about WhatsApp, has given this information, according to which fewer colors have been used in the new design of WhatsApp. The developers have given it a modern look in simple colors, which will provide a smooth and easy experience to the users.

Special features of the new design of WhatsApp

1. Colorless design: In this new design, the company has used very few colors, so that people can see a cleaner and clearer interface than before. WhatsApp has used green color to suit people, which is limited to the app name, floating text buttons, and icons.

2. Improved Dark Mode: WhatsApp has also improved its dark mode feature. Dark Mode has now been made more AMOLED-friendly, making it darker than before and making it easier than ever for users to read content and get a better experience.

3. New icons and animations: With this new design and update, WhatsApp has also added new icons and animations, which give a new, fresh, and modern look to the app.

4. Shifting of the navigation bar: Now the navigation bar in WhatsApp for Android users has been shifted from top to bottom, making it easier for users to access all the tabs at their fingertips.

5. Expandable Attachment Tray: A new expandable tray has been added to the attachment layout in WhatsApp for iOS users, which will make it easier for people to send photos, videos, audio, etc.

How will users benefit from the new design?

With this new design, users will get some unique benefits that they didn't get before:

Comfortable use: With this new design, users will be able to use WhatsApp more comfortably than before.

Modern Look: New icons and animations in WhatsApp have given it a very modern look, which will be a new experience for the users.

Better Dark Mode: Better Dark Mode will put less strain on users' eyes and make it easier for them to view content on WhatsApp.

Easier Navigation: With the new design update, WhatsApp has moved the navigation bar to the bottom instead of the top. With this, users can click on any option using the phone with one hand, whereas earlier many users had to use both hands to click on the navigation bar option.