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Whatsapp feautres: WhatsApp is bringing amazing features, that will change the way of using WhatsApp


Whatsapp New Feature: Working on a feature related to photos and videos. WhatsApp is testing such a new feature.

WhatsApp New Feature: If you are waiting for new features and the latest updates of WhatsApp, then there is good news for you. WhatsApp is bringing a special feature for its users. After which the way of reacting to photos and videos will change. This special feature will save users time. So let us know about this new special upcoming feature:

Special feature coming on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is working on a feature related to photos and videos. WhatsApp is testing a new feature, after which users will be able to easily react to photos and videos. Actually, by using this feature, users will be able to react to photos and videos without having to press for a long time.

WhatsApp users currently tap for a long time to react to any picture or video. After which choose one of the emoji from the bar that appears there. But now this will not happen because WhatsApp users will be able to get the direct option to reply or react to any photo or video. Not only this, but now you can also press the emoji button on the right side of the bar to react to the post.

The special thing about this feature is that, if your favorite reaction or emoji is not visible then you can simply tap the + button to select the emoji of your choice. After which they will get many more emoji options. Along with this, WhatsApp developers are working to add many new features to the app. One of the features is that now you can pin every three chat messages.

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