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WhatsApp introduced a new safety feature to prevent users from joining unknown groups, and know how it will work.


WhatsApp has launched a new feature to protect its users. This new feature aims to improve the security of the group messaging feature. The instant messaging platform will show users all the important information related to it when they are added to a group. The new context window will contain all the important information related to the group.

According to the information shared by the platform through its WhatsApp channel, WhatsApp has now added a new card for group chats that will give users important information when added to a group, such as who added them, when the group was created, and what the group is about.

WhatsApp has also shared a screenshot of the newly rolled-out context window. According to the screenshot, the context window will show the name of the member who added them to the group. The new context window will show the tilde symbol (~) when added by unknown users.

If a user is added to a group they don't want to be a part of, the context card includes a 'Safety tools' option to report problematic content. If users don't want to be a part of the chat, they will also see an 'Exit group' button.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has an existing feature that lets users disable being added to groups by unknown users. The feature was introduced in 2019 and you need to go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups. It allows users to prevent strangers from adding them to groups using the app's privacy settings.

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