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Whatsapp: If you make these mistakes on WhatsApp, your account will be banned, know here


The messaging platform WhatsApp is being used by millions of people around the world. However, lakhs of accounts are also being banned every month. There are many reasons behind these restrictions. According to the messaging app, more than 76 lakh accounts were closed in India in February this year alone. Therefore, it is important to know why your account may be banned and how to recover it.

Many users prefer to use third-party apps instead of official WhatsApp. These apps include WhatsApp Delta, GBWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus. However, the company recommends not using these third-party apps as it may get your account banned.

Using someone else's identity

If you are messaging using someone else's name, profile photo, or identity, your WhatsApp account may be banned. This violates WhatsApp's community guidelines. Even impersonating a celebrity, brand or organization can get your account banned.

Sending messages to numbers without a contact list

If you're sending messages all day long to people who aren't in your contact list, your messages may be considered spam, and your account may be banned.

Account closure upon reporting

If multiple users report your account, the company may take action against you, which may lead to your account being closed. It doesn't matter whether the reporter is part of your contact list or not.

Action will be taken to harass someone

If you send a message with the intention of harassing or threatening someone, your account will be banned. Additionally, provocative, hateful, or offensive messages may result in action being taken against you.

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