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Whatsapp Fraud Alert: A new way of fraud has arrived, know this otherwise you will become bankrupt.


Cybercrime cases are increasing day by day in India. Scammers are inventing new methods to empty people's accounts. Many of these scams are happening on WhatsApp and people easily become victims of them.

Scammers are also stealing your personal information. They can also steal this information through Facebook or Instagram. Then based on this information we copy your photo and phone book. Then they create a new account in your name on WhatsApp and send messages to people you know.

Scammers usually refer to your information as an urgent deposit of money in your bank account or an emergency. They also demand money on the pretext of mobile recharge. In such a situation, you must become alert when you receive such messages from any unknown number and do not do any kind of transaction.

How can we escape?

To avoid such scanning, change the password of your accounts from time to time. Apart from this, be careful while sharing photos and videos on social media. Do not visit any fake websites. By keeping all these tips in mind, you can stay safe from fraud.

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