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WhatsApp brought a new feature, now those who cancel the plan at the last moment are not in trouble


WhatsApp has introduced another new feature. WhatsApp's parent company Meta is adding an events feature to WhatsApp groups and communities. These features will help those who plan some special events on the weekend. Often, there may be someone in your group who cancels the trip at the last minute. Such friends will not be able to survive now. WhatsApp has prepared a special feature for people who often forget trip dates.

With the new event feature on WhatsApp, you can plan where to go on which day. This is somewhat similar to the Gmail feature where you respond yes or no to someone's invitation to join. Friends who answered yes will receive periodic reminders so they don't forget the time or date of the trip. Additionally, you will also get information about how many people will be included in your plan. It is worth noting that a similar feature is also available in Gmail, which may increase competition for Gmail.

The rollout of this feature has started for WhatsApp communities. In the coming days, it will also be rolled out for WhatsApp groups. The noteworthy thing is that now anyone in the group can create an event. Also, other members can respond to this. This way, everyone will know who is coming on the trip and who is not. They can get updates related to guest events. Apart from this, automatic notifications will be sent to people as the travel date approaches so that they can prepare in time. This feature of WhatsApp is likely to be liked a lot by the users.

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