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WhatsApp banned more than 6.6 million accounts in India in May, know the reason.


Meta-owned WhatsApp on Monday said it banned more than 6.6 million accounts in India in May for violating the country's laws. The social media company said in a statement that 1,255,000 of the 6,620,000 banned WhatsApp accounts were blocked proactively even before any reports from users.

The popular mobile messaging platform with more than 550 million users in India received 13,367 complaints from the country, and the records of "actioned" were only 31.

"Actioned" means complaints where WhatsApp took corrective action.

According to its monthly compliance report as per the new Indian IT Rules 2021, WhatsApp also received 11 orders from the Grievance Appellate Committee in the country and complied with both.

The company said, "We will continue to be transparent in our work and include information about our efforts in future reports."

For April, the Meta-owned platform banned more than 7.1 million accounts in the country.

The platform received a record 10,554 complaints in March, and the number of reports "actioned" was 11.

The company employs a team of engineers, data scientists, analysts, researchers, and experts in law enforcement, online security, and technology development to oversee these efforts.