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Whatsapp account: Has WhatsApp account been banned? Know how to restore again


Instant messaging platform WhatsApp has banned more than 2 crore WhatsApp accounts in India so far this year. They have been banned for violating the policy. 

If you have also been a victim of an account ban, then you can easily get the ban removed from your account. Many people's accounts get banned by mistake. 

If your account has been blocked or reported by many users, then WhatsApp can block or ban your account.

Apart from this, your account can also be banned for excessive use of broadcast lists, spreading wrong information, and using cracked WhatsApp versions. 

One way is to reinstall WhatsApp. However, this does not work every time. Whereas once it is banned, you will be able to try it again only after 30 days. 

If your account is blocked by mistake, you can request for review. For this, you will have to go to WhatsApp. 

Here you have to enter your blocked number and click on Next. Here you have to tap on Support and enter the 6-digit security code. 

Now you have to fill out the review application. Along with this, necessary supporting information will also have to be uploaded. After this, you will be able to appeal for review.

Keep in mind that WhatsApp reviews unbanning only one number in one appeal. You can unban your account by following these steps.

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