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WhatsApp: A great feature will soon be available in WhatsApp, this big tension of the users will be removed with the new update.


WhatsApp has become an essential app for people today. In such a situation, if you are waiting for a new update, then let us tell you that the company is working on an amazing feature. Know further its details.

WhatsApp, the popular social media platform for chatting, continues to work on new features for users. In such a situation, WhatsApp is working on a special feature. After the introduction of this feature of WhatsApp, users will be able to easily clear unread messages. The company that keeps an eye on the new updates and features of WhatsApp has shared a lot of information.

Notifications can be customized

The report claims that after the introduction of this feature, the experience of WhatsApp users will change significantly. Along with this, WhatsApp claims that through this feature, users will be able to control status-related notifications in a better way. It is also being told that through this new update, users will be able to customize the notification settings as per their choice. If users want, they can start or stop any notification.

It is being claimed in the reports that WhatsApp is currently working on this feature. Users will soon get the option to clear the unread message count on WhatsApp. In such a situation, whenever users open the WhatsApp app, they will be able to manage the notifications at their convenience.

Users will get a better messaging experience

After opening WhatsApp, users will be able to reset the notifications at their convenience every time. In such a situation, this feature can prove to be very useful for the users. After the introduction of this feature, users will be able to manage new messages easily and with more convenience. The benefit of this new update will also be that users will be able to decide whether to see new messages or not based on their preferences. In such a situation, whenever a new message comes, it will appear at the top and the old message will be at the back. With this new feature, the messaging experience of users will change to a great extent.