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What to Do if You Lose Your Train Ticket, Know Important Things About It


Losing your train ticket can be a stressful situation, but knowing the steps to follow can help you handle it smoothly. Here’s what you should do if you lose your train ticket.

Steps to Follow if You Lose Your Train Ticket

Inform the TTE (Traveling Ticket Examiner)

As soon as you realize that you have lost your train ticket, inform the TTE on the train. The TTE is responsible for checking tickets and can assist you in getting a duplicate ticket.

Obtain a Duplicate Ticket

The TTE will issue you a duplicate ticket. The charges for a duplicate ticket vary depending on the class of travel:

  • Sleeper Class: Rs 50
  • Other Classes: Rs 100

These charges are standard fees for issuing a duplicate ticket when you lose the original one.

Duplicate Ticket for Torn Tickets

If your ticket is torn but still partially available, you can also get a duplicate ticket. In this case, you will need to pay 25% of the fare as the charge for the duplicate ticket.

Provide Necessary Details

When requesting a duplicate ticket, you will need to provide certain details to the TTE, such as your name, PNR number (if available), and details of your journey (train number, date of travel, and destination). This information helps the TTE verify your booking and issue the duplicate ticket.

Keep the Duplicate Ticket Safe

Once you receive the duplicate ticket, keep it safe for the rest of your journey. This ticket is your proof of booking and will be checked by the TTE during the journey.

Important Points to Remember

  • Act Quickly: Inform the TTE as soon as you realize your ticket is lost to avoid any complications.
  • Carry Identification: Having a valid ID proof can help the TTE verify your booking and issue the duplicate ticket more efficiently.
  • Check Charges: Be aware of the charges for duplicate tickets to ensure you have enough money to pay the fee.

Losing your train ticket can be inconvenient, but by promptly informing the TTE and paying the applicable charges, you can obtain a duplicate ticket and continue your journey without much hassle. Always keep your ticket and identification documents secure to avoid such situations

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